Recap of For The Love of Books Chicago

As half of Kat Green, I recently spent my Saturday in my hometown of St. Charles Illinois at the For the Love of Books Chicago Book Signing. The weather was dismal, with torrential downpours and flash flooding keeping people away but we still managed to have a good time. The hotel was beautiful (and HUGE), lunch was delicious and I did get to make some new friends including:


A.J. Culey an amazing middle grade and young adult author with books my son has already fallen in love with. The middle grade series is about Tyrabbisaurus Rex, the class bunny who will not be called cute and cuddly. And her Young Adult series, Shifter High,  is about high school kids not only dealing with normal everyday problems, but also shifting from human to animal. How would you like to go to school with antlers?

I got lucky enough to have my booth right next to A.J. and cannot wait to see what’s in store from her in the future. Check her out at


I also met a fellow TWRP ROSE, Barb Warner Deane, who not only gave away the cutest (and tastiest) little homemade donuts, she also has a rivoting book about three women left at home during WWII and how they deal with the problems caused by that brutal conflict. Check out her books at

Overall, For the Love of Books was a fun day to spend in my hometown. I got to meet authors all day and have pizza with my family that night. What could be better than that?


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