Top Ten Reasons I love Fall

If you’re at all like me, you look forward to the temperature dropping and the leaves starting to change all year long. Don’t get me wrong, I love Summer. All the sunny days and the outdoor activities are the best. And Winter is fun for snuggles and hot chocolate. Even Spring is great with the rebirth of the Earth with flowers blooming and trees starting to bud, but there’s something about fall.

I decided to put together a list of my top ten favorite things about the fall. Let me know if you agree or if you can think of something else you love about this wonderful time of year!


10. Pumpkin spice…everything! Enough said!

9.  The colors! I can never decide what shade of leaves I like best. The bright red of the burning bushes, the oranges and yellows of the maples or when they partly change and it’s like a tie dye of green, yellow and orange. I love going on hikes to look at the scenery.

8. Slow Cooker recipes. I never want hot comfort food in the summer, but I love dragging out the Crock Pot and slow cooking when the weather gets cold. It also makes my day so much less hectic.

7. Apple and pumpkin picking.

6. Roasting marshmallows at the backyard fire. Yes, I know you can do this in the summer too, but there’s something about a cool Autumn night where you’re not sweating when you roast that marshmallow to a perfect golden brown. (Or burn it, like my kids do!)

5.  Spooky movies. I know I should say Horror movies, but I really like family movie night watching Hocus Pocus or the Halloweentown movies.

4. Sweater weather. It’s chilly but not cold. I can wear jeans and a sweater which covers a lot of the problem areas I can’t hide in the summer. Plus, it leads straight into….

3.  BOOTS! I love my boots. I don’t know why, but I love wearing boots.

2.  The crisp morning air. I love waking up and my nose is cold, but the rest of me is nice and warm snuggled under the blanket.

1.  HALLOWEEN!!!!! I have to say, this is probably the best day of the year. You can legally dress as someone or something else for fun. Sometimes you can even win money just for being creative. I’m already counting down the days….