June is Audiobook Month!

June is Audiobook Month and Kat and I have been privileged to have our audiobooks as part of N.N. Light’s Book Heaven Celebration Audiobook Month line-up. 

This celebration highlights 41 audiobooks by 32 authors and also includes some awesome giveaways. The event runs from June 5 to June 30, with the prize drawings held on July First. 

First Contact will be spotlighted on the 24th and Second Sight on the 13th

Stop by every day to see what other books are showcased!

In honor of N.N. Light’s Book Heaven Celebration of Audiobooks, our blog will highlight the top ten places we like to listen to audiobooks.

  1. While cleaning. (Some people – including Whitney in Second Sight – prefer music, but I’ll take a good Audiobook any day!)
  2. While cooking.
  3. During a daily run/walk (or in my case mostly walk, a little run).
  4. While relaxing in the bathtub. (Just keep those electronics away from the water!)
  5. Whenever I’ve forced to do yardwork. Even weeding is fun with a good Audiobook!
  6. On long car rides – get a family-friendly title and listen all together!
  7. While relaxing at the pool or the beach (since I can’t see the words on my tablet anyway)
  8. On a bike ride (but be careful to watch for cars)
  9. Whenever my husband is watching football/baseball/tennis/Nascar/golf (especially golf).
  10. Basically, any time I want to be reading but need my hands to work.

(The only place I don’t like an Audiobook is before bed because if I fall asleep, I can never find my place again!!!!)

What did we miss? What’s your favorite place to listen to an audiobook? Please comment below to let us know!